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As of 1/1/2019 Dr. Dewey Jones IV and Dr. Rebecca Moul are no longer with our practice. Contact 205-870-1498 for Dr. Jones or 205-971-5000 for Dr. Moul.

Sports Medicine

When it comes to high-level, specialized arthroscopic treatment for sports injuries in the Birmingham, Alabama area, referring physicians and athletes of all levels turn to the doctors at Powell & Jones Orthopedics. Dr. PowellDr. Jones IV, and Dr. Moul perform arthroscopic surgery on the shoulder and elbow, knee, and ankle for bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that have been injured during sports activity.

About Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is an advanced surgical technique that allows orthopedic surgeons to see inside a joint without having to surgically open the joint. Arthroscopy is used for diagnosing and treating sports injuries and orthopedic conditions. The diagnostic capability of arthroscopy is highly precise for damage to the bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and muscles that make up a joint.

Arthroscopy is a far less invasive procedure than traditional open surgery. Guided by a miniature viewing instrument, or scope, arthroscopic surgery requires only a few small incisions.

An arthroscope contains a lens, lighting system, and camera that allows the orthopedic surgeon to view magnified images on a video screen or take photographs and record video. The doctor can also perform surgery by inserting thin instruments through the scope. Arthroscopy is associated with a decreased risk of infection, faster recovery, and less pain, bleeding, and swelling.

Sports Injuries We Treat

Our skilled orthopedic physicians provide diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of sports injuries, including the following:

Whether you're a weekend warrior, amateur athlete, or professional athlete with strains, sprains, pulls, tears or even fractures, our physicians will help you return to your game as soon as possible with the most sophisticated arthroscopic surgery.

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